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Minimum Drag LM-101 Long range Bullet

LM-105 won the 7th Lapua Sniper Competition 2005

Moeller JG

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Lutz Moeller

American Representative

Prodigy Defense Technologies

I appointed Prodigy Group as my American Representative to later manufacture and fist sell my Bullets in Amerietwa This Infrastructure has first to be set up and Product to be shipped. Later it will be manufactured under License in the U.S.A. for the U.S.A. Single Package Shipping just makes no commercial Sense and Prodigy Group is well capable to offer World class quality. You Military, plus some Racers confidently and satisfied rely on Prodigy Group Engineering and Manufacturing since long. The President is a Hunter by himself and command enough Proof capabilities, to verify anything he will offer for me. While a complete Infrastructure for Manufacturing, Trade, Sales, Service and Web still has to be set up, not much will happen at first. But this is to let You know, the American Market will sooner or later be supplied and serviced from Amerietwa The Future looks bright - Some Deer will have to relearn, though!

In the Interim, I will republish and hope fully rework some English stuff on my Website, but not all.

Lutz Moeller, Fall 2009


I now own Precision Long Range Hunter. It is a website dedicated to extreme long range hunting and shooting. We currently have on board Bryan Litz which is Berger bullets chief Ballistician.

I would like for you to join our website if you have the time and comment on bullets when you have the time. I have been in contact with you for a long time now and have always believed your bullets to be the most superior solid bullets available. I know I had said a while back that it would be nice for you to have a contact here in the states to produce your bullets. Did I have in any way along with many others I am sure, to have you procure a manufacturing supply here in the states?

I would also like to in the future have a link to your new website from my forums page. I was wondering where did the English articles and our correspondence go on the website?

Dave Boday


unfortunately some of the projectiles and other devices have to remain military exclusive. To give you a brief history, one of my companies was formed in 1935. We have literally been a military supplier since the inception. I wasn't even alive when Universal Machine and Tool Works was formed which is one of my companies that holds most of the military contracts but I purchased this company in 1999. The three primary Companies are Universal Machine and Tool Works, Inc. Prodigy Defense Technologies, Inc. and Prodigy Group, Inc. Between these companies we have been designing and manufacturing military hardware for just short of 75 years, many of which are just now becoming declassified and many of which will most likely never see the light of the public. To give you a brief on Lutz he is a physicist with an extremely good understanding of Ballistics and Aerodynamics. I and Lutz have collaborated on military an other related projects for some time and I have found his projectile designs to be some of the most innovative I have seen. I do not say this lightly due to my companies have been designing similar types products for military use for many years. Everything from missiles to rail gun projectiles that fly at over 15,000 fps. Our proximity is by design we are literally 50 miles from Crane Naval which is the small arms research and development arm of USSOCOM and much of the DOD. We are also 20 miles from Raytheon/Naval Ordnance which is a major missile supplier to our militaries. This will be our first venture into the civilian side of things so I am sure we will have allot to learn relating to the industry. This is why we have chosen to partner with Lutz we do not need to reinvent the wheel but we do want the wheel of an Indy car at the core of our products.

Military Exclusive: Unfortunately due to the nature of some of the projectiles and products we design USSOCOM and the DOD decides what we can and cannot sell to the civilian market. Our intentions are to sell any projectile designs that do not conflict with ITAR and our secrecy orders. We hope that our customers will understand that something's are just not meant to be in the publics hands. Our troops need to maintain every advantage they can and once something is made public it eventually reaches the hands of or enemies like it or not.

Polygon Rifling, This technology is very useful and has many merits but after discussing the related advantages and disadvantages with Walther USA. It currently is not a fit for the current designed LM projectiles. That does not mean that projectiles will not be designed to be used in Polygon rifling at some point but at the moment this type of rifling is not recommended for LM designed projectiles. Now on the other hand the progressive twist is preferred for LM projectiles. But for conventional styled projectiles with large bearing lands polygon rifling has advantages but has typically been reserved for short length barrels primarily pistols.

Software and Experience: From your below list of softwares you use several of the same products we do. Which I am pleased to here there are people outside of our Military and Military Contractors that take an analytical and scientific approach to ELR shooting (Extreme Long Range). A significant amount of engaging targets at extended ranges happens before the trigger is ever pulled. And with the hundreds of variables associated with getting on target at extreme ranges it is imperative you control as many of the variables before hand. Because their are many that we can not control and can only be compensated for.

Respectfully, Robert Brewington, Mittwoch, 30. September 2009 22:09


great news! Why are some of the LM bullets remaining military exclusive? I am a medically retired Air National Guard that did four years Active Duty Air Force and currently work for the DoD and am a government civil servant employee, do I meet the requirements for the “military” stuff? I completely understand the military supply comes first after working for them 19 years I do not have any problems with them getting first supplies and for them to be supplied.

When referring to ELR does that mean Extreme Long Range? In the future I would like to connect with your company on my website to promote Lutz bullets and your company as the source. I have been in contact with Lutz for about 5 years now. I would love to see up to a 34 inch Lothar Walther polygonal gain twist barrel. I have one of their 308 polygonal for my 300 wsm and I am getting faster fps than regular button, cut or fordged barrels are getting and it fouls less and the throat has seen no erosion even with a semi hot load such as H4350 and 64.5 grains. I would like to work with you guys.

I use Solidworks 2009, Mastercam9 and ten, Catia V5 R19, Pro Engineer wildfire, AnSYS 12 and Fluent, Surfcam Velocity, and a few other software programs. I have been doing machinist work for around 19 years and have a lot of experience in wire edm, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding etc. I also am partners with a local machine shop where I do all his programming, fixture design, and proof testing using Vericut.

Our last group buy which was for Berger bullets was around 30,000 bullets spread out over two or three different website forums. I think we could accommodate a rather larger buy once you get your website up and running.

Dave Boday, Wednesday, September 30, 2009 1:49 PM


thank you for the email. My company Prodigy Defense Technologies will be producing Lutz's complete line of projectiles. Our Manufacturing Lines are not fully operational but we do have LM105 Projectiles. The down side is our current supplies are all reserved from military. Within the next few weeks there will be sufficient quantities to supply the civilian markets also but some LM class projectiles will remain military exclusive. The current version of the LM105 will be availible to the competition http://www.tactical-life.com/online/special-weapons/finnsniper/ and ELR shooting enthusiasts. We just recently finalized our agreements with Lutz and his company so we do not currently have website's, brochures and catalogs availible, but will be in the weeks to come. Dependant on your current quantity requirements it may possibly to divert some of the projectiles reserved for military to you, but again this will be dependant on your volume requirement.

In addition you are correct the LM105 requires a very specific barrel twist and best performs form a progressive twist barrel. This is something else we are working thru to also provide high quality Lothar Walther barrels for optimization of the LM class ELR projectiles. Other barrel manufactures are also capable of producing the required progressive twist but we have found that the Lothar Walther barrels are the best for consistent performance and quality.

So my question how would you like to proceed. Do you have an immediate need? Or would you like for me to contact you once everything is in place.

Respectfully, Robert Brewington, Wednesday, September 30, 2009 1:12 PM

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