Red Stag Hunt South Australia 2006

Hunt in South Australia 2006

Hello Lutz,

My friend Joe Martindale from Australia just sent me some picture of a nice red stag that he shot last week. It's the beginning fall in Australia so their hunting season has already begun! Joe said he had been chasing for a week &; a half for this stag. It's his best to date: a royal red 12 points &; very even. I have included the pictures of this stag and some other big game they have shot. You can also see his daughter Jenna with her .270" WSM rifle who has shot the spiker for meat &; the skin. I really liked the pictures. I hope you enjoy them too!

Regards, Omid, Donnerstag, 13. April 2006 21:51
Omid S. Jahromi, Ph.D.
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Jen's story about hunting her first red stag in Australia

Hello Lutz,

Joe sent me the attached MS Word text which is the story of how his daughter Jenna shot her first red stag. (This is the stag shown with her in the first picture on your website.)

Regards, Omid, Dienstag, 25. April 2006 16:39

Dear Ed

A while ago while hunting in the New England area with dad, I shot my first red stag. The day started with a shout from dad, "hay jen would you like a quick cuppa before we set of". I looked at my watch: 5 am. I replied "ok thanks dad." He shouted back "Good, make me one, as well three sugars darling." I giggled to myself &; shouted back "I made it yesterday. I am nice &; warm. You make it, you lazy barsted. Back came a roaring laugh &; within 10 minutes we were having a cupper &; a bacon Sandwich.

On with our day packs &; camo gear, lunch &; water, packed from the night before, we were on our way. After another 45 minutes walking, it started to get light. We were about half way up the gully, when dad pointed out 6 pigs feeding about 80 meters away. There’s a good sow there Jen. You haven’t got a big one yet. Do you want to smash it? All though I wanted to shoot that pig, I said to dad, that I really wanted a deer, like the one he got a few weeks ago. Dad grinned &; we kept walking up the gully.

After about ten minutes of walking, we sat and glassed the area with no sign of deer. We found another small mob of pigs &; we could see a dozen or so goats &; dad said "You know Jen a pig in the hand is worth a deer in the bush. Its not every day, you will get a opportunity to get a big pig like this. Although a bit disappointed, I knew dad was right &; quietly I was a bit exited about having the opportunity to nail a good pig. As the wind was swinging across us, we went back the way we came to keep it in our face. As we approached the area where the pigs were, I spotted the tail end of a mob going over the hill into the next gully. We started to follow them. As we went through the gully, there were fresh rubs &; a wollow with wet mud on a tree about four foot up the trunk &; the pigs have also been doing there thing with upturned rocks &; roots everywhere.

As we rounded the next hill, dad dropped to one knee &; by the look on his face, I knew that there was something good about to happen. He said "Take a few deep breathes &; peek over the hill. The wind is still in our face so we are ok.! Looking over, I saw 8 pigs. One better than the rest &; behind them about 150 meters away was a stag feeding looking away from us. Rejoining dad, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My chest pounded &; the butterflies in my tummy were going crazy after four previous trips and getting a few goats, some small pigs &; a small doe for meat. This was it, right place, right time; I had the rifle to do the job .270" WSM Tika T3 light &; dad with me.

Dad said "Ok darl. Its up to you now. Let's crawl over to that tree and get a good rest. We crawled along the ground to a fallen tree where I steadied my Tika &; took the first look at the stag through the scope. He still fed &; faced away from me &; the pigs were still carrying on mid way between us and the stag. Dad said "Take a few deep breaths Jen. The wind is still in our face &; they don’t know we are here, relax &; take the shot when you ready. I could hardly here him talking over my own heart beating, then after waiting what seemed like an eternity it happened, the stag took one step to the right. I lined up on his far shoulder sending the 9,7 g power point hight through his ribs to get there, as I shot I lost sight of the stag &; I heard dads .257" Roberts fire almost simultaneously looking over to see the stag down &; not moving I looked at dad to see a big cheesy grin on his face. I said to dad "That I was sure of the shot &; I was sure the shot was good. Dad agreed &; said that he didn’t shoot the stag. He said "The sow was to good not to shoot and pointed to a black shape about 100 meters away.

Then it was hi fives all round &; I raced over to my downed stag. The nearer I got, the bigger it got. [Shit], it's like a horse and it got nice even antlers. After a thousand photos we went over to the pig dad shot &; took a few of that, then back to mine to remove the head &; meat. Dad gave me a big hug &; said how proud of me he was &; that because it was my first trophy, I had to carry it back to camp &; there the day ended as it started with me laughing and saying you lazy barsted &; we talked &; chuckled all the way back to camp, as well as being my dad he’s also my best mate.

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Dear Omid,

when will we travel to South Australia or to South New Zealand to hunt the Red Stag. Definitely not this Season, but what about April 2007. I have long the hidden Plan to do that and these Picture really fire me up again. Would Your Friend Joe or his Daughter Jenna have some Words for the Pictures. It would be nice to hear a little about what happened and how they felt! Please ask them!

Sincerely, Lutz,

Hi Lutz,

I am glad you liked the pictures. I too am very much interested to go to the "Land Down Under" to hunt the Red Stag! Let's see how we can plan this for next year. I'll contact Joe and ask him about the possibilities. I will ask him also to send us a more detailed story of how he got the Big Guy.

By the way, did you go deer hunting in Finland in January? If yes, how did it go? Any pictures?

Thanks - Omid, Freitag, 14. April 2006 22:50

Hallo Omid,

let's make a good Plan to hunt South Australia or New Zealand. Yes. I got some Pictures from "Fun"land , ah, sorry Finland. I would like to read some Words about the South Australia Hunt too. If You lie to see Picture from some faked Fights and a Sow hunt with a Spear from Horseback, look at "Deutsches Brauchtum", then You know, how we are!

Sincerely, Lutz,

Fishing &; Hunting Services, Gerald Telford, Wanaka - New Zealand

Hi Omid

here is a web site for hunting in newzealand check out the hunting photos red stags wapiti cross thar &; chamos fallow deer pigs &; fishing hope this gets you fired up

speak soon joe, Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:08:22 +1000