Lutz Möller 7x65R Jagdgeschichten Seite 5

Lutz Möller 7x65R Munition

Jagdgeschichten Seite 5

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Moose hunt in Kanada

Hello Herr Moeller,

I loadded some of Your 7 mm Flitzer bullets in 7x65R.

I hope, I can use them next week, if I see moose. Here in Kanada everybody thinks, that your bullets are too light for big Canadian moose

LM: No. They pentrate at least ½ m Meat or 0,1 m Bone

 I want to prove they are wrong.

LM: You will. Just go for a high Lung shot behind the Front legs above the Heart.

 If u have any Photo of your Flitzer used on moose or big bear, please send to me.

LM: See Schweden and 7x57 in Sweden on Moose 11 Years ago and 7x64 auf Bär 2005!

 Budimir, Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019 14:40