Alvaro Mazon 2007 in Südafrika

Alvaro Mazon

South Africa 2007

7 mm TMS | Brenneke TIG | MEN SF | KJG spitz

Buenos días, Lutz.

I just got back from RSA where I took advantage of some culling hunts to test different bullets in my 7x57. (7 mm 6,75 g KJG, 7,8 g Hornady, 8,4g Speer, 9 g Interbond, 9 g Sierra, 9 g TSX, 9 g MRX, and 10,5 A-Max)

Here is a note on the results with your 7 mm KJG.

Out of a total of 76 animal shot, I used you KJG plastic tipped bullets in 8 animals: a Klippsbringer, two old black gnu cows and five hartebeest, one of them being a bull.

Alvaro Mázon used the 7x57 KJG Load to bag this Klippspringer in 211 m

The purpose of trying them with the Klip Boc was twofold: first I only wanted to drill a neat little hole on the animal so as not to spoil the cape with a big bloodshot hole, and second, see what would expansion be (shall I call it like this?) on such a lightly framed animal, which I was likely to shoot at a long distance therefore low remanent speed.

The shot was from above and at 221m. I aimed a bit back to avoid hitting a shoulder. The bullet entered in the addomen and exited low on the other side, killing it instantly and leaving a small exit hole. I would rate bullet performance with a 10/10.

Alvaro Mázon used the 7x57 KJG Load to bag this white tailed Gnu around 200 m

The black gnus were shot at 194 and 209 meters. One was hit in the center of the chest and bullet exited just in front of the opposite hind leg, an the other was shot behind the shoulder with the bullet breaking the opposite shoulder on its way out. Both run for 120 and 140 meters, leaving a good blood trail which would have been easily tracked in needed. Looking at the carcasses, entrance and exit holes were 3cm in diameter. The size of the wound channel was not big, but about the same diameter allthroughout its entire length.

Rifle was almost recoilless with such a light bullet and a real pleasure to shoot.

All five bullets taken at the five hartebeest went completely through, even on one shot in the hip at 292 meters (did not shoot enough into the wind), and another one hit too high with a shot that took both shoulders and the spine. These two fell were they were standing and the other three all of them broadside shots right behind the shoulder at 30, 50 and 170 meters, run for 10, 15, and 30 meters before piling up. On these three, the internal damage was identical between them and identical to the black wildebeests`.

I would also rate these 7 bullets with a 10/10.

Eight animals taken is not much, but I am sure that little by little and with reports like this you will be able to build up a track record of your Lutz Möller KJG's performance.

Thank you, and best regards from Spain,

Alvaro Mazon, Samstag, 8. September 2007 12:34

Dear Alvaro,

Waidmannsheil, welcome back and thank You fro Your Story. While You were our, I published 7x64 Afrika 2007 that You might enjoy. If possible please send some more Pictures.

Best Regards, Lutz Möller

Val rhebok

hope you like my val rhebok, Lutz. that is my son with me on the photo.

AM, Samstag, 8. September 2007 15:41

Enviando por correo electrónico

the other black wildebeest I shot with the 7 mm KJG

and the 5 hartebeests

my son, Alvaro, in another photo, holding the head of the only bull shot, rest were cows.

Samstag, 8. September 2007 15:44