Anders Hopen 2008 in Africa

Anders & Mona

in Afrika 2008

Hi again Lutz.

Got home after 36 hours of travel last night. Puh.. exhausting stuff. The trip was just great! We absolutely love Namibia, and I can with all my hart recomend Omatako hunting trails if you ever consider going hunting in Namibia. Excellent English and Deutsch. Very serious and professional, great food and accommodation. I attached some trophy pictures for you.

Anders Eland Bull

I also took the Eland in front, the bullet took the spine somewhere and it dropped on the spot. 55 meters. As you se from the pictures I needed to finish him with a shot to his chest. The first bullet did not exit him, but it was not found. All the other bullets ran trough.

Anders Gemsbock

The Gemsbok I shot right in front and we found the bullet all the way back in his ass. 70 meters.

Anders Red Hartebeest

The Red hartebeest I took from 300 + meters.

Anders Warthog

Mona Kudu bull

The Kudu Mona shot was standing partially broadside and there we also found the bullet. 125meters

Mona Warthog

Banes X Bullet Kudu Gemsbock

I hunted with my .338" RUM and my wife with my 6,5-284. I used 8,5 mm 14, 6 Barnes TSX (should of course have been 8,5 KJG) and the wife 6,5 mm 10,1 g Norma Oryx.

I was just now looking at your 8,5 KJG bullet 8501. What twist will work for this one.

LM: As all usual .338" Cartridges 254 mm.

How much do you charge for these bullets?

LM: By Email.

Regards, Anders Hopen, Samstag, 5. Juli 2008 12:37