Tell in Africa 2009 with 7x65 R KJG

Tello in South Africa 2009

7x65 R Lutz Möller Geschoß

Dear Lutz,

Probably you can recall me because I asked you about your Lutz Möller bullets. You put me in contact with Mr. Plöger.

LM: Who meanwhile died, hit by a Train.

I was in South Africa (Eastern Cape Coastal area and Great Karoo) past July. I brought my Krieghoff Hubertus single shot rifle in 7x65R, loaded with your Lutz Möller KJG bullets. Their performance was truly excellent. Here you have some details and photos.

LM: I read Your Text, but miss the Photos.

  1. Nyala: shot at 195 meter, hidden in the bush, high shoulder shot, dead over his tracks.

  2. Eland: shot at 302 meter, open country, neck shot, run 25 meters and fell down.

  3. Black Wildebeest: shot at 140 meter, open terrain, high shoulder shot, dead over his tracks.

  4. Red Hartebeest: shot at 118 meter, lay down, neck shot, he stood up and then fell down stone dead.

  5. Gemsbock: shot at 174 meter, through the bush, high heart/lung shot, run 10 meters and fell down.

  6. Zebra: shot at 168 meter, savannah, high heart/lung shot, run 20 meters and fell down.
  7. Blesbuck: shot at 175 meter, open terrain, high heart/lung shot, dead over his tracks.

  8. Mountain Reedbuck: shot at 127 meter, through the bush, high heart/lung shot, dead over his tracks.

All bullets exited, except the shot at the Black Wildebeest. Sole animal wounded was an Eastern Cape Great Kudu, because I failed to figure out his position within the bush. I thought he was just right in front of me but he actually was looking at me but broadside, with his body hidden by heavy bush. Shot at 298 meter, my shot hit him in the neck below his face, as aimed, but it just pierced neck meat. He was found two days later.

Thank you for your bullets.

Regards, Jesús López Tello, España, Thu, Donnerstag, 6. August 2009 08:35

Terrible news. Please offer Mr. Plöger`s family and friends my deepest condolences.

I´m sending the photos enclosed.

Regards, Jesús López Tello, Freitag, 7. August 2009 08:45

Dear Jesus,

thank You for You Condolence, we will continue Walter Plögers good Work. I miss him. You Journey reminds of me with the 7x64 KJG in Africa 2007 or my swedish Moose with the 7x57 2008. The 7 mm KJG bags the biggest Animals nicely but disturbs not as much as bigger Clibers often do (Recoil, Noise, Flash. So I like to hear from Your Success with Your elegant Krieghoff Hubertus hand enjoy Your fine Photos. Would You offer one of the Rifle too?

Regards Lutz