Svante MJG Elch 2010

MJG Swedish moose cow


Hi Lutz!

I came back from moose hunt in Sveg. Thank´s to Zigge, my beagle dog, I managed to get a god shot at a big female moose running over a narrow timber road in the forest. Zigge has been helping me during roe deer pirsch in august and I thought he might be able to help me on moose hunt too. The post we had was deep into the forest at a narrow road with a slope down to a creek. We had been there for two hours. I was half sleeping when I saw Zigge getting stiff. I got up grabbed my "Green Monster" with the Feuerschlucker. The moose crossed the road, 4-5 m wide. Not knowing how but the red dot in the scope was just behind the front leg. The 7,6 mm MJG bullet hit the cow. She went just for 2 seconds and I could hear her falling down kicking. She went 25 meters. The bullet has ripped off top of the heart, massaccered the aorta and there were splinters in the lounges. As usual wery litte meat was ruined.

Send you some pictures and greetings from Zigge!

Velcome to moose hunt.

Svante, Sonntag, 19. September 2010 22:49


Lutz Möller

Lutz Möller