Ballistic Program

Ballistic Program


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Dear Mr. Möller,

I'm Krisztian Horvath wildlife management engineer and ballistician from Hungary. I made a 3 Degree of Freedom ballistic program. I solved the equations of motion with 4th Runge-Kutta integration (respect to time, the time step is 0.0005 sec). The program based on ICAO standard. It can calculete with Spin-drift, Coriolis-drift & multiple wind zones too. There is a PC and a PDA version too.

I attached the help file of my program. It's an executable Windows.php Help file (Help.chm). It contains the description of my program & a lot of screenshoots.

The program was tested by Otto Simonyi (10x Police Sniper World Champion) and me. It's really accurate, much better then Nightforce, and much user friendlier like Quicktarget.

The program is available on Ebay , search: Ballistic Program on Ebay, and You will find it, or buyers could order it from me too:,,

Thank You, that You've read my email! I hope You can download and run the Help file!

Best regards, Krisztian Horvath, Montag, 16. August 2010 11:13