Feldschießen 2020 Pilsen

World Championships 2020

Pilsen / Tschechien

Pfad / Heimat / Schießen / Feldschießen / Tschechien 2020


I hope this mail finds you well. Hot and very dry in South Africa, but at least we are the Rugby World Champs again.

This mail serves to inform you that the 4th World –Championships will be held during the last week of August 2020 in the Czech Rep on the army range at Pilsen. You can start planning accordingly.

There are a few things regarding the Rules and Regulations that we have to change for this specific competition and specifically for Europe to host the WC in Europe. As agreed during our last meeting in Bloemfontein, this must be done to attract more European shooters and hopefully more countries. We will inform you what these changes will be in the near future, but it will not influence the performance of the shooters negatively.

Regards, Willem Botha, Montag, 11. November 2019 09:27


we adjust our website to put everything into English, and the updated information will be there.

Thank you. Regards, Martin Šlechta, ct 23. 1. 2020

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