Dan Wesson 40 Revolver

Dan Wesson 40 Revolver

.357 Maximum

Silhouette Match bullets for a Dan Wesson mod. 40 revolver in 357 maximum,  super magnum

Hi, can you make low drag bullets in caliber 357 ?

The bullet data is:

bullet diameter .358 in (9.1 mm), Weight: 180 grains

case type: rimmed, straight
neck diameter .379 ( 9.6mm)
case lenght: 1.605 in (40.8 mm)

the total length of my tun is: 52.0mm

So, the total free length above the crimp is 11mm.

I get about 500meters/sek with 18 grains of VV N110 in a 8" barrel.
According to the norwegian handloaders manual, 19.5 grains are the maximum load.
A 180 grains Speer TMJ bullet drops 8 inches on 100 meters with a 18 grain load.

The most striking feature a Dan Wesson revolver is the capability of changing barrel length, by the use of an ingenious system of interchangeable barrels and shrouds. While there are other unique qualities to the Dan Wesson series, the fame of the system rests on the barrels. Even so, many if not most, Dan Wesson owners stick to a single barrel length, and often can not even recall the location of the tool used to change the barrel. In many cases it is the great accuracy, and light trigger pull which attracts buyers. These are some of the most accurate handguns in the world, and may very well be the most accurate repeating handguns ever made. They have also been constructed with very light, very simple actions, and the interchangeable barrel feature, for which they are best known.

The interchangeable barrels, give the shooter an opportunity to have, what is in essence, an entire revolver collection, in a variety of barrel lengths, while only needing to purchase a single gun. While this is certainly an economical way to own, what is functionally, an entire range of handguns at a considerable savings in cost, the system has even more significant advantages for some gun owners, in some legislative environments.

The Dan Wessons are still unique, in being the only production revolvers with user interchangeable barrels. These barrels was available in lengths from 2" up to 15" (current production only goes to 8"). They have been produced with three different styles of shrouds: Standard, Vent, Heavy, and Vent Heavy (current production is vent heavy, vent, and slotted). An unforeseen benefit of this system was that it produces superb accuracy.

The way it works is that the barrel is a threaded tube which fits into a shroud. Both ends of the rifled tube are threaded so that one end screws into the front of the frame while the other end is tightened against the end of the shroud with a recessed nut. An unforeseen result of this system is that the barrel tube is pulled tightly and put under tension.
This barrel tube under tension is tuned like the string of a guitar to always vibrate the same way when fired.

It is rumored that a Dan Wesson revolver in 357 supermag is capable of groups down under 20mm@100 meters. The cartridge itself, with a good barrel are capable of 15mm groups at the same distance.

Håken Hveem, Norway, Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010 18:09

Lutz Möller wrote:

Hallo Håken,

thank You for Your Mail. I am sorry, but I strictly limit myself to Rifle bullet. It's nice to read Your Brief, but sorry, I shall not help.


Regards Lutz


the 357 maximum are used a lot in rifles too. The maximum is more common in rifles than revolvers.

.357 Remington Maximum is one of the finest rifle rounds there is for deer and deer sized game out to about 300 yards.

.357 Remington Maximum is one of the most inherently accurate .35s available when chambered right. It is also one of the very easiest and cheapest
hunting rounds to load for overall.

Common groups at 200 yards: 1.35” – 3.25” – 2.35” for an average of 2.32” when measured center to center with dial calipers for 3-shot groups. The bullet or those groups are Hornady 180 grain SSP.

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010 00:57

They look interesting. How much is the cost, an how many of the do you have?

This is a homemade barrel nut for my Dan Wesson revolver, i made that because the nothes in the original are weak and gets worn easely. The original barrel nut is then wery difficult to remove.

The material in my barrel nut, is Ti6Al4V, Ti-6Al-4V or Ti 6-4, is the most commonly used alloy. It has a chemical composition of 6% aluminium 4% vanadium, 0.25% (maximum) iron, 0.2% (maximum) oxygen and the remainder titanium. Grade 5 is used extensively in Aerospace, Medical, Marine, and Chemical Processing. Among its many advantages, it is heat treatable. This grade is an excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, weld and fabricability. In consequence, its uses are numerous such as for military aircraft or turbines. It is also used in surgical implants. Generally, it is used in applications up to 400 degrees Celsius. It has a density of roughly 4500 kg/m3, Young's modulus of 110 GPa, and tensile strength of 1000 MPa.

My Dan Wesson, model 40, kaliber 357 Super magnum. Made in Monson, Massachusetts.

And, how does it shoot ? The cross-hairs on the scope was somewhat wrongly tuned on that picture.

Scope corrected, 5 shots. The range is 100 meters.


looking at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.357_Remington_Maximum I still see an elongated .357 MAG. I once made Hunt bullets (KJG) for the 9xx57. So if
You like those, You may have them.

Sincerely, Lutz Moeller


Thank You for Email. Are Dan Wesson Revolver still made? If not, would You think there is a Market for Replicas?

Your give me You Address and I send them to You. I should have 2 – 300 left. When You find them useful pay 140 € /100, else forget it.

Regards Lutz
p.s. I only shot .357 Mag once from a Thompson Contender. That worked very well too!

No more Dan Wesson

No, they went out of production in 2002. It is quite possible that they will enter production again. The only one that i know that has a similar system, is :


The only problem is that that the does not have them in super magnum calibers. The Dan Wesson family of revolvers has a quite large fan club, so replicas should sell. A forum that may be of interest is: http://www.danwessonforum.com/. The super mag calibers available in Dan Wesson revolvers were:

.357 SuperMag

.375 SuperMag

Based on the .375 Magnum cartridge, this custom round was meant to fit between the .357 and the .445, but is no longer produced.

.414 SuperMag, based on the .41 Magnum cartridge.

.445 SuperMag

Based on the .44 Magnum cartridge, a revolver designed for the .445 SuperMag can also fire .44 Magnum, and .44 Special rounds.

Gates tested super magnum cartridges in .357, .375, .44, .45, .50, and .60 caliber. Gates' SuperMag cartridges are all 1.610 inches long—about 3/10 of an inch longer than a standard magnum—and use the same bullets as the original magnum cartridges. The extra powder can increase muzzle velocity up to 30–40% over the original magnum rounds. In the 1980s, Dan Wesson Firearms began to produce revolvers chambered for the .357, .375, and .445 SuperMag cartridges. In 2000, they added .414 Supermag, and .460 Rowland. Dan Wesson revolvers was possible to get with compensated barrels.My proposal for a Dan Wesson replica:

LOTHAR WALTHER barrel with match crowning.*
different barrel lenghts, 6" 8" 10"
replaceable cylinders for different calibers/cartridges*
A overbuilt and sturdy frame with a integrated weaver style rail for scopes. *
A barrel that does not need a special tool, and can work as a recoil compensator if drilled with the required holes.
Hammer: checkered wide spur (3/8?) target-style with short double action travel.
Trigger: smooth, wide tang (3/8?) with overtravel adjustment
grips: Hogue Monogrip finger groove black rubber Gripper Grips

You can use my barrel nut design if you want.

The standard threads on the muzzle nut on Dan Wesson revolvers are 21/32x40".
The threads on the barrel nut and in the frame needs to be in a opposite direction. *
Tunable tun/cylinder barrel gap, .060" for leaded bullets, .030" for jacketed/copper bullets.

*The original DW does not have this.

.221 Fireball
7 mm TCU
7-30 Waters
.357, .375, and .445 SuperMag cartridges
.357 JDJ The .375 JDJ has also been used successfully on most African game, from leopard and lion to Cape Buffalo, elephant, and rhino.
.360 Dan Wesson
.357 whelen
.460 smith and wesson
.444 Marlin

I will inform you of the results on the 100 meters range. I just need to get hold of a suitable shooting rack so i really can get constant groups and more support. To my knowledge, the Dan Wesson revolvers shoots best with a 8" barrel. I get a lot of comments on the pistol and rifle range, since Dan Wesson revolvers are not that common. Some rifle shooters tend to get a bit shocked over the accuracy from a revolver, the amount of flames and the noise of a .357 supermagnum fired. They say that it is almost louder than a 7 mm rifle. A friend of my tries it at the rifle range.

He is a blacksmith ( knifes, axes ), a instrument maker and a gunsmith. The muzzle and cylinder gap flames was caught on the end of that film clip.

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010 23:21