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Lutz Möller bullets famous in Iran

Hi Lutz,

I have some very interesting information for you: My hunter friends from Iran (or Persia as you like to call it) tell me that your bullets have become very famous there. They told me that thanks to my posts about your bullets in Persian hunting forums and magazines, I have made you very famous and now many hunters there are buying and loading these bullets!

That’s the good part and I am happy about it. But my friends also telling me that there are possibly some local workshops that are making some of the “Lutz Moeller” bullets that are sold in Iran. Do you have an official representative or trade partner that sells your bullets in Iran.

LM: No. The only Perians Iranians, I ever sold Bullets to, we some liveng here in Germany. Hamburg, for Instance, has a large well respected Persian Community since Ages. They are - typical for Hamburg - are mostly international Traders, often speak many Languages.

If not, then it is likely ,that most of what they sell there is locally made by some small underground workshops.

LM: Hurrah! I am even copied in Asia. Ist that really a Surprise. I guess, not really!

Either way, legal big-game hunting is very limited in Iran these days, so the official bullet market is very small. Just wanted to let you know of the information I have heard.

LM: Omid. You make my Day☺!

Have a very nice day, Omid, Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017 20:47

PS. Last night I grilled some wild boar meat

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