Hummingbirds in the mountains

Betsy and I took a trip this Thursday - Sunday to Hennagan Meadow, a small lodge on the eastern boarder of Arizona 22 miles SE of Alpine. This lodge is on a nice meadow at 9100 ft / 2800m elevation. It was nice and cool, we had a nice thunderstorm on Saturday. I took our F350 4WD pickup truck - we explored several forest roads, something I dare not do with the Porsches. All in all it was a nice cool break.

Hannegan Meadows Lodge

Hannegan Meadow

Fallen Fence

Hanagan Medows Rainstorm

Misty Morning

Lonely Pine

I wouldn't imagine that hummingbirds would thrive at this elevation, but with the aid of feeders the front porch was almost overrun by them. I got some great photos with the aid of the strobe effect of the flash to help freeze their frenetic motion.

We didn't see any bears nor wolves - the most wildlife we saw were chipmunks.

Enjoy, Rich, Mittwoch, 26. August 2009 08:45

Unit 27 hunting sector

I know this place, it is in what is called Unit 27 hunting sector and is a great place to hunt black bear, elk and they also have Javelina which are small pigs. To my knowledge the Hannagan Meadow lodge which I have actually stopped their for fuel only provides horseback riding, nature site seeing and good accommodations. But the surrounding area is Great hunting. The down side is it is highly controlled by guide services which make getting an area to hunt almost impossible without going thru a Guide that leases the properties. There are many in the area I know of. Rich picked a beautiful area of East Arizona to site see. You need to get him interested in hunting. Their is very good elk hunting in Arizona, very large bulls are killed every year.

Robert, Mittwoch, 26. August 2009 22:27




I'm glad that you enjoy the photos and am pleased to share them. It was interesting that the hummingbirds were competing with the bees for the feeder, the photo of the bird and bee shows the scale - how small the boards really are. I'm quote pleased with my little Canon G9 camera, the detail of the photos is fantastic!

I've learned that these small birds can travel as much as 500 miles / 800 km during the year and have a speed of up to 35 mph / 56 kph. Their range is from Alaska down into South America! They are the only birds capable of flying backwards. They have a very high metabolism, they must drink their weight in nectar each day - if they don't eat for one day they can die of hunger. They live normally from 1 to 4 years, but some live as long as 12 years.

Rich, Mittwoch, 26. August 2009 22:29

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