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Svante Saujagd in Tunesien

Boar hunt in Tunisia 2010

Hi Lutz!

It was a really exciting hunting tip in a Beautiful landscape. These animals are something. They jump 3 m high, rush for 40 m at 70 km/h speed. Runs up and down on mountain slopes with ease. But they are powerful and dangerous. The beaters climbed in trees like apes when a big boar attacked them.

My first boar came running behind my back at 40 m and I could not shoot until he passed over a stone road. Missed first shot and then he steped on the throtel. Swinged through and let second shot go. Hit! He fell and got two more slugs before he was finished. Nice throphy bronze medal.

Second medal bore was a memory for life long. Had a sow and 8 small ones passing at 10 meter when a huge black boar was the last in that row. Lifted the gun when he passed a bush. He got a slug in the shoulder fell down roaring and trying to locate me and He got three more slugs. Last in the head. First then he was still. This was very beautiful, exciting and frightful. Unfortunately the throphy on one side was damaged. This was a gold medal boar on 168 kg but broken tooth gave only bronze.

During 6 days we saw approximately 450 Wild boars and shot 16. 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medal of 10 pigs. 87 shots were fired. See enclosed pictures.

Boar hunter

Ekes bloody Bear


Noch eine Goldmedallie



Svante mit 168 kg

Zähne ab, nur Bronze


Svantes 130 kg Sau


Tunesischer Wald

Valmet in Tunesien

Svante, Sonntag, 21. November 2010 20:32


Lutz Möller