Mazon Tadjikistan 2012

Mazon Tadjikistan 2012

K95 MJG Keiler bis 385 m

Dear Lutz,

I just got back from my second trip to Tajikistan this season, and could finally use my K95 loaded with your new MJG bullets (in my first trip Turkish airlines left my cartridges behind and I had to borrow a rifle from the local outfitter). I shot four 'Keiler' at distances from 100 to 385 meters. Except for one wild boar, that fell in its tracks after breaking his both shoulders, the reaction to the shot was always a dead run for 30 - 50 meters bleeding prifusely on both sides of the tracks, as the bullets always went completely through.

Hopefully tomorrow I will download the pictures from my camera and will send you a couple that I hope you enjoy.

LM: Waidmanns Heil, Alvaro. Thanks. I look forward to see those Beasts!

Thank you and best regards, Alvaro, Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012 17:40

my K95 I used in this trip is in 30R, and I also have barrels in 6,5x57R and 7x65R. I do not like randlos patronen in a kipplauf. Also, I do not likke using a US military cartridge like the 30-06 for sporting purposes.

Regarding the hunt there. The amount of Wild boar and the trophy quality is something that is difficult to imagine. The hunt, depending of the time of the year, will be a mixture of stalking in the mountains (the Wild boar, as untouched as they are, are NOT nocturnal and spend all day wondering for food), waiting for them at the mulberry, almond and walnut trees, and also in very small drives. Accomodation is very, very modest, could be using fly camp or in a small house where the local guide lives. In any case with no shower, no toilet, etc. The hunting organization is reasonable good, once you are with the local hunter, but the rest is not up to Western standards. Roads are very bad, punctuality is inexistant, supposed-to-be interpreters finally do not speak English, more even Deutsch. It is a little disaster, so the client needs to be a flexible person, willing to accomodate with all this as unfortunately I cannot change the country or the mentality of the people. But I promise you, that for a wild boar hunter, he will believe, he is in paradise! You can expect more than one trophy of more than 20 cm, that is for sure. My largest is 27 cm, and I have had clients shoot 29 cm!

LM: Wow!

Best regards, Alvaro, Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012 12:01

In my opinion the two very best periods are June / July and late October to mid December.

During June and July the Wild boar come down the mountains to eat the mulberries which are in semi-wild orchards around the villages. You will be hunting late afternoon and night, under the full moon, and coming back to the village to rest for the day. It is a passive hunt, since you will be waiting for the Wild boar to come to the fruit trees, where you will be waiting. At the most you will be stalking quietly from one orchard to another. This hunt produces excellent results.

The second best is from late October to mid December, specially from early or mid November onwards as the sows will be in heat and each family group will have one or two big boars with them. I was there in December and it was really impressive. It will be cold, specially in December. Hunt will be stalking and in short silent drives with just two or three beaters and maybe one dog. Results will be very good, specially if the hunter has some physical condition.

LM: I believe this will then be my Time, but it conflicts with Finnland. May I leave Finnland this Year, but take Tadjikistan instead, as I like best to stalk and shoot moving Animals.

With this said, there are so many Wild boars, that I would send clients anytime in the year, except, if it is a hunter that wants to shoot numerous animals. For a client who would be happy with two keilers (20 cm plus) any time of the year will be good.

I have never had a client in the early Spring, but the local hunters always tell me, it is very good time, as the Wild boars come down to feed on the early green stuff, that comes out in the lower areas, river beds, etc.

Alvaro , Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012 19:45