Forsström Afrika 2014

Forsström Afrika 2014

Namibia: MJG 7626 & .300WSM

Dear Mr Möller,

I’m home from a rather successful hunting trip in Namibia!

I usedyour older MJG 7626 .300 WSM in my Tikka T3. My load was 4,21 g Hodgdon Varget and Federal 210 primer in Winchester cases. This load gives a very steady 1.090 m/s chronographed about 3 m from the muzzle.

LM: Good for the Plains!

I shot both Blue- and Black Wildebeest with frontal heart shots at 90 – 120 m. Zebra, Oryx and Springbock with somewhat angled side shots, also in the heart from 160 - 180 m. All animals went down instantly. They stopped trembling in about 30 s or less. One restbolt was found (from the blue gnu) all others went through. On exanimating the carcasses, the meat loss was, as you advertised, minimal. The exit holes in the hide was also very small. Attached a few photos from the out- and inside of the Springbock, and the heart of the Blue Wildebeest.





Kammer von innen



My PH got very interested about these bullets, and he is planning on writing a short article for the African Hunting Gazette. I referred to your internet site to look further. If you had any more material, in English or Afrikaans, it would be highly appreciated.

LM: Waidmannsheil. Thanks for Your Notice.

Best regards, Markus Forsström, Sonntag, 30. März 2014 19:30