Feldschießen 2018

3rd World Championships Bloomfontein / Südafrika

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Von: Willem Botha

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 17. August 2017 14:57

An: 'Jan van Niekerk'
Cc: 'Tobie Deale'; Svante Jonsson; 'MOGENS JENSEN'; 'Peder Mørch Pedersen'; 'Jimmy Farnham'; 'Hennie Breytenbach'; 'Karel Pucálka'; 'Karola Woortman NHRSA'; 'Pieter Vorster'; 'Louis Butler'; 'Org.Stroebel'; 'Lutz Möller'

Betreff: World Champs 2018


please be advise that the date for the 3rd World Championships will be from the 1-7th of July and not 8-14 July as previously announced. I hope and believe this date will not be a problem for anybody. The date 8-14 July does not suit the owners of the farm and lodge on which we planned to host the competition.

The shoot will be hosted at De Oude Kraal Country Estate,35 km south of Bloemfontein. More info regarding accommodation on the property will be announced soon. I am sorry about the new date and hope it does not cause any serious problems.

Kind regards, Willem Botha

New Date

Von: Willem Botha
An: 'Jan van Niekerk'
Cc: 'Jimmy Farnham'; 'Tobie Deale'; 'Org.Stroebel'; 'Louis Butler'; 'Lutz Möller'; 'Pieter Vorster'; 'Karola Woortman NHRSA'; 'MOGENS JENSEN'; 'karel Pucálka'; 'karel Pucálka'; 'Peder Mørch Pedersen'; 'Hennie Breytenbach'
Betreff: FW: World Champs


Due to the European Combined Game Shooting Championships the 3rd World Championships will be moved to the 3rd week in July,this will be from the 15th-21st July.

Hope this new date will suit everybody. We want to start the planning etc.

Regards, Willem, Montag, 21. August 2017 08:01

Bloemfontein Zeiten 2018


July 15 till July 21 2018. Bloemfontein De Oude Kraal Country Estate

Botha, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017 17:30